Diamond Beads Necklace Size Guide Know The Basic Things Before Purchase

So here is our short Natural Diamond Beads Necklace Size Guide. Perhaps you have been thinking about purchasing diamond beads necklaces lately?

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The name „beads“ comes at the top in our minds when we think about diamond necklaces today. Just like a „Diamond is Forever“, diamonds have ever been treated as the most admired precious stones in the world.

So many splendidly shaped beads, well-designed and attractive, are coming onto the market with modern jewelry-making technology.

Today, it is not difficult choosing the best type of diamond necklace beads according to your personality for the vast and very attractive collection of gemstone beads available. Diamond beads for necklaces are simply perfect and you have a splendid selection to choose from. Choose the types of diamond beads that best suit your personality.

You probably ask yourself what kind of natural diamond faceted beads necklaces to choose as per their length, size, carat weight, diamond color, diamond shape and suitability for any occasion?

Natural diamond beads chains and necklaces come in industry standard lengths; five different lengths for women, and four for men. The tables and models  of our Natural Diamond Beads Necklace Size Guide below portray and illustrate these standard sizes.

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Standard Diamond Necklace Sizes for Women:

Natural Diamond Beads Necklace Size Guide


16″- Choker Length
17-18″- at collarbone
20″- A few inches down collarbone
22″- At or above the neckline
24″- Below the neckline

Standard Diamond Necklace Sizes for Men*

Natural Diamond Beads Necklace Size Guide

18″- Base of the neck (*for lower neck sizes)
20″- to collarbone (*most similar length for average men)
22″- A few inches below the collarbone
24″- Just above the sternum

*Note: It’s a nice idea to select the next size up for larger neck sizes.

black large diamond beads necklace

Everyone is unique, both physically and in an aesthetic view. In other words, we aren’t all “standard” sized nor do we have the same taste of diamond jewelry. For individuals that want a special size diamond necklace, sometimes ordering the identical necklace in the next standard size (either up or down) works in addition to customization. Depending on the style of necklace, a jeweler can also remove beads to shorten the length for those with less beads. Not all diamond necklaces are available in the size you may need them, however, and customization may be necessary.

You must remember several points before buying a diamond faceted beads necklace:


1. Size in mm is really important.
2. Don’t keep it too long or too short
3. Diamonds are into Carats or 0.02-gram price.. so they are costly.
4. Men prefer bigger diamond beads and bigger length
5. Women prefer occasional styles and showing off their necks
6. Diamond beads color is very important as it comes in transparent white, blue, yellow, TTLB and mixed colors.
7. String, wire or bend that keeps the beads intact is also the key, as sometimes people have allergy with the metal wires so they prefer simple strings.
8. Price. The ultimate parameter. The greater the Carats, the higher the price. Most people usually prefer 2 mm to 3 mm sized beads and 18 Carat diamond beads necklaces.

There is currently a wide diamond beads collection available on GemoneDiamonds. From such a collection, you can easily choose the best bead types for your customized jewelry, which we can create for you. The most cost-effective way and place to buy diamond beads is online where you can get a large collection of diamond beads and diamonds and buy whatever you want at a much lower price compared to all Jewelry shops.

Whether a tradition or a trend, there are modern natural gemstone necklace beads available here, which will surely take your aesthetics sense and fashion style to the next level.


Let us know if you have some more suggestions for our Natural Diamond Beads Necklace Size Guide and Diamond Necklace Beads Collections. Accepting custom Jewelry orders 24/7, we are here to help you find the best diamond beads necklace of your dreams today. Contact us

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