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Cube Diamonds Online

5.00 Carat (1.00 – 1.50 mm) Rough Uncut Congo Cube Diamonds Online Sale

sku GD 1297

$109.00 $80.00

This is Lot of 5.00 Carat (1.00 – 1.50 mm) Loose Diamond CONGO CUBES that will make your art deco and rough diamond jewelry look marvelous at wholesale price.

Note: untreated 100% earth mined diamonds mixed a color lot, perfect size. Any of custom inquiry of size and quantity is welcomed. All our diamonds adhere to KPCS norms.

product description

Cube Diamonds Online

A lot of 5.00 Carat (1.00 – 1.50 mm) Rough Uncut Congo Cube Diamonds Online sale.

What Are Congo Cube Natural Rough Diamonds?

As the name suggests, these rough diamond have roots in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The rough diamond is a pure composition of the diamond crystal, but are usually very small to use on their own.

Hence Congo Cubes are famous as a material of interest and are used in an unusual piece. Sometimes Natural diamonds are even cut through (using a diamond cut drill) in order to be used as unique beads or droop embellishments on other pieces of jewelry.

Color and Size

This natural rough diamond comes in a variety of colors along the green and silver spectrum. Rough Diamond trims excellent cubic shape which makes them ideal for use as a specimen or in jewelry. Widely Use to craft different types of jewelry.

Why Purchase?

The rough diamonds are Cube square in shape. Congo Cube Rough Diamond is 100% natural. Have not gone through any treatment. Congo Cube pieces are using in the wide range of rough diamond jewelry like pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings because of its unique look and availability of wide colors and sizes.

Uses Of Congo Cube Shape Rough Diamonds

Congo Cube can use in any art deco jewelry or engagement rings. Rough Diamond Jewelry got a Great trend in past few years. Purchasing in a lot can be more beneficial to you if you are a dealer or wholesaler. Mostly Art Deco Jewelers Can Use These Amazing Pieces of Rough Diamond From Us.

Note :

Any type of customized orders for Congo Cube Rough Diamonds you want from us in any form. if in stock we will surely provide it to you. You can ask us without any hesitation.

Diamond Id

GD 1297

Diamond Type


Diamond Shape


Diamond Size

1.00 – 1.50 mm

Number of Diamonds

90-10 PCS (APPROX)



Carat Weight

5.00 Carat (Approx)










Not Applicable

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