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Custom Watch

Gemone Diamond offers a customized Diamond Watch that still feels personal as you can gift it to your loved one too. We also craft unique designs for those wanting custom-made personalized Watches that will give you a funky look by putting on. Share your thoughts with us and get the design you want.

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create your dream

Your imagination / our creation

Match a One-of-a-kind Diamond With One Of Our Unique Engagement Setting To Create A Time Less Diamond Engagement Ring That Will Be Adored For Years To Come.



Fill out the request form and our team will be in touch within 24-48 business hours with an initial price estimate.



We will create a digital illustration using computer aided design.



We will create a digital illustration using computer aided design(CAD). The CAD is then sent to you for review and approval via email.



At this stage, you will have the opportunity to make adjustments to the design before it is handcrafted. The final step brings your approved CAD to life.



Our master jewelers handcraft your finished piect perfection. It is then thoroughly inspected before beings shipped to you.

Frequently asked question

Are Diamonds used in my will real?

Yes, Diamond, we used for your every kind of jewelry/watch they are real. Our Diamonds are 100% genuine and are evaluated and authenticated.

How do diamonds stay on watch?

The jeweler will make a series of holes in the watch, using the extra metal to create beads that then hold the stones in place.

What do you call Diamond Watch?

It is known as Chandelier Watch, a number of companies make chandelier watches. They will provide the most popular and reputable look by placing them on the wrist.4

Is Diamond Watch a statement piece?

Yes, chandelier watches are something as bold and eye-catching as they can easily become a statement piece that you wear to special occasions. You can also combine watches into your everyday look.

customer reviews

Rachel Berta

You guys are truly amazing! My dream salt & paper diamond ring has come true because of your great product as well as the great delivery on all levels! Thank you!

Cristian Cueve

I ordered a customized ring.. The team was very proactive and got it done as I really expected.. and would definitely recommend to my friends :)

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