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Gemone diamonds is the leader in providing a wide variety of loose pink colored diamonds in wholesale rate. These pink colored diamonds are most sought out color among all colored diamonds. The main reason is eye-popping prices or Argyle diamonds which range from million dollars a carat. Gemone diamonds provide you with the finest variety of fancy pink colored diamonds.

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The sizes are available from 1 mm to 3 mm with SI to I clarity grade. So, the natural pink color diamonds are mostly USD 5000 per carat to USD 12000 per carat range. This is even for the smaller size.

Also, Gemone diamonds make you sure that this pink color diamond lot is available at just 1/15 of its final prices. Hence, Gemone diamonds make sure that these beautiful yet natural color diamonds are available to you at very reasonable prices. So, pink color diamonds are most prefer by women’s in the world over. With this reason, they are prime color diamonds preference in women's jewelry like pendants, necklace, wedding rings, hip hop jewelry and more.