Well, In this blog, we are going to learn more about Colored Diamonds Vs Color Enhanced Diamonds, while comparing them.

Most of us are aware of the fact that Christie’s and Sotheby’s sell color diamonds at mind-blowing prices. Diamonds are being sold nowadays with reference to mind-blowing prices on natural colors. It is Important to clear the confusion between natural diamonds and enhance diamonds.

color enhance diamonds

GE POL is the one who started with such technological developments. Such developments now allow us to create diamonds of any color either completely artificial or from natural diamonds whose color is unattractive like brownish or yellowish.

The adoption of such stones is for their color using Heat/HTHP(high-pressure high-temperature) or radiation. Now the same thing is happening with color diamonds for sale which by definition are rare and unique. You can see this in the recent rare pieces including Argyle’s 1.53 Carat red diamond.


A natural color diamond is distinctive. It is a product of nature, resulting from millions of years of processes under the earth’s crust. The diamond color is the product of possibilities and two colors cannot be identical. It is this rareness, this uniqueness that gives them all a whopping value.

We compare Colored Diamonds Vs Color Enhanced Diamonds because they are two different things. Both operate on two completely different color diamonds value and hence valuation markets. There is no comparison in intrinsic value and the price of each of these diamonds.

Check Natural Diamonds price chart here

The question that arises now is, have natural color diamonds lost their dignity? We may never know what is going to happen with the advance gemology and proved certification by GIA and Institutes. What is rare is going to be rare. And treated diamonds cannot replace it.

Natural color diamonds are a work of art. A painting by Mother Nature and the magnificent structure created by God. Enhanced diamonds are only a light imitation. They are created by thousands and sold at low costs. It is a copy of the natural diamond and not the real one.

Both have their own markets. Natural diamonds are rare. I guess hardly 0.001% in this world can manage to buy any diamond at a Christie or Sotheby auction. And this is where enhanced diamonds step in making it affordable for all. In the end, this gives the final punch that diamonds are forever and for everyone, no matter the difference of color, shape, and richness.

There a few things about enhanced diamonds, we need to learn in the paragraphs below.


Colored Diamonds Vs Color Enhanced Diamonds
know the difference between colored diamonds and color enhanced diamonds

There are several treatments used to create a color in a diamond.

Watch out for treatments as you buy enhanced diamonds. Compared with genuine diamonds, the cost of treated diamonds is less. The price is as low as the valuation. If you are seeking for natural color diamonds, please pursue a trusted vendor or dealer.


Irradiation – Diamonds treated with irradiation consists of green and greenish-blue in general.

irradiated diamonds Colored Diamonds Vs Color Enhanced Diamonds

Note: Natural color in green diamonds is a cause of natural radiation. Well, these diamonds are expensive and very rare. If a green diamond is cheap, you may assume treatment. Obtaining a fancy color diamond with a lab report is paramount if you are seeking for a natural one.

Irradiation plus heating (aka annealing). Annealing is the process of heating and cooling a diamond. This process is used to create red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, brown and black colors.

HPHT – High-Pressure High Temperature. The process used to change the color of some types of diamonds. Gemological labs use HPHT treatments. You should order these diamonds from a trusted dealer if you have any doubts about buying.

HPHT Colored Diamonds Vs Color Enhanced Diamonds

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