A Different Type of Color Diamond Beads Rough And Faceted

Color Diamond Beads

Diamond beads are a diamond stone drilled mechanically or using diamond laser one way passing through another way. It can be both a naturally mined form or faceted through each of each surface giving it a much brilliant look. Diamond beads are not just available in the colorless form, but just like other color gemstone and diamonds, it is available in a wide variety of colors. Diamond beads are available in White, Yellow, Grey, Blue, Green, Red, Brown, Pink, Multi-Colored. The color diamond beads show the properties prized for centuries by gem collectors and gem lovers.

black diamond beads

Diamond Beads makes jewelry fine and unique. Beads come in many types, colors, and sizes. They are unique and stylish. Designers all over the world love to experiment with diamond beads to create their own signature jewelry collection. Now Let’s see different color diamond beads

Yellow Color Diamond Beads

Rough Yellow Diamond Beads

The rough yellow color diamond beads come in size from 2 mm to 5 mm size range. Do you know how to make rough uncut diamond beads? Let’s know about them. The raw diamonds are assorted on the calibrated size from the rough diamonds lot first, and then they are laser drilled, for the size 0.18 mm to 0.30 mm hole as per custom requirements to make the yellow uncut diamond beads.

yellow rough diamond beads

You can make your jewelry pieces beautiful with these yellow uncut diamond beads. And the rough uncut yellow diamond beads are 100% natural without any enhancement.

Faceted Yellow Color Diamond Beads

Yellow Diamond Faceted Beads come in the size from 2 mm to 5 mm size mostly. Well, these diamond beads are natural without any treatment. The color of the yellow faceted beads stays for a lifetime. And they are faceted throughout each surface they shine and glitter more. On both sides of a bead that drilled hole to pass through the string. You can use this natural fancy diamond beads for making customized fancy Jewelry.

yellow faceted diamond beads

The beads are drilled and the hole using by the laser from size 0.18 mm to 0.30 mm. The natural yellow diamond is unique and fancy color beads that is why they found rare. And yellow diamond beads are used in making a fancy necklace, fancy bead earrings, and diamond beads chains and strands. Jewelers, jewelry designers, and bespoke jewelry brands make customized jewelry the help of yellow diamond beads. Yellow diamond beads are most popular in countries like the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Blue Color Diamond Beads

Blue Color Rough Diamond Beads

A blue color uncut diamond comes with a natural but with color enhancement. The rough blue color diamond beads are available in a size from 2 to 7mm size range. Do you know how to make rough uncut diamond beads? Let’s know about them. The uncut diamonds are assorted on the calibrated size from the rough diamonds lot first, and then they are laser drilled, for the size 0.18 mm to 0.30 mm as per buyer requirements to make the blue uncut diamond beads.

blue rough diamond beads

You can make your jewelry pieces beautiful with these blue uncut diamond beads. And the rough uncut blue diamond beads come with 100% natural in a color with color enhancement.

Blue Color Faceted  Diamond Beads

Loose blue faceted diamond beads are available in a size from 2 to 4 mm mostly. Well, the blue color diamonds beads are not 100% natural but their color increase by color enhanced treatment. The color of those beads stays for a time period.

The blue color faceted diamond beads have drilled a hole using the laser-drilled from 0.18 mm to 0.30 mm size. The natural blue diamond could be an extremely rare and distinctive color. Blue beads are using for creating the flowery beads jewelry, blue diamond earrings, Chains, and strands. Jewelers, jewelry designers, and bespoke jewelry brands make customized jewelry the help of blue faceted diamond beads.

blue faceted diamond beadsThese beauties extremely would possibly turn out to be your favorite possession. The sparkle and shimmer are therefore charming, a sparkle that only a Diamond has. 100% natural, stunning quality, these diamonds are the foremost stunning shade of deep ocean teal blue.

Brown Color Diamond Beads

Brown Color Rough Diamond Beads

Rough Diamond Beads Strand comes in natural brown color to keep it unique and attractive. The rough diamonds with a less visible tone are more valuable. The colorless diamonds are very rare and they command very high prices for this reason.

brown uncut diamond beads

You can see the uncut beads in 5mm to 7mm size range in this category. We are providing you natural loose diamond bead raw, uncut and faceted in a lot. You will be getting this lot in a type of color apart from this brown color. These Drilled Brown Loose Diamond Beads are 100% genuine and not treated or enhanced in any manner. All the diamonds are of the best quality and natural in their category. They are using a laser drill.

Brown Color Faceted Diamond Beads

One of the finest variety of the natural brown faceted diamond beads. The Brown color can be light to dark color depending on the rough. We are one amongst the foremost sure organizations engaged in providing brown diamond faceted beads to the purchasers as per their preferences. These beads are well-polished and given sound completion by our team of extremely skilled professionals. Moreover, these diamond beads are extensively demanded throughout the jewelry business.

brown faceted diamond beads

We make 2 mm to 5 mm size brown diamond beads mostly. Each bead is drilled holes from 0.18 mm to 0.30 mm depending on the size of the bead. Well, beads are 100% natural and not enhanced in any manner. You can use these brown diamond beads for making a unique diamond necklace, diamond bracelet, diamond earrings, diamond charms and more kind of fine jewelry.

The brown color makes them less attractive as gemstones because of the reduced glimmer, and most are used for industrial functions. However, improved marketing programs, particularly in Australia and therefore the U.S., have resulted within the highest-quality brown diamonds turning into valued as gemstones and even mentioned as chocolate diamonds. 

Grey Color Diamond Beads

Grey Color Uncut Diamond Beads

grey color uncut diamond beads

The natural grey uncut diamond beads are 100% natural, which is used to make faceted grey diamond beads necklace and bracelet in this form. Grey uncut beads are available in 2mm to 8 mm size. The great quality of grey uncut bead for making your custom jewelry, so this is the best thing to do something unique. Natural uncut grey diamond beads strand necklace, a bracelet that will make you look really pretty.

Grey Color Faceted Diamond Beads

The grey faceted diamond beads are precisely handcraft by our artisan in India. Basically, gray faceted diamond beads are available from 2 mm to 8 mm in size mostly. In fact, gray faceted diamond beads are 100% natural and are not in the enhance of any manner.

Grey faceted diamond beads

The natural gray color of the faceted diamond beads used in unique diamond jewelry. Jewelry designers, jewelers, and retailers are used these diamond beads to enlarge their designer jewelry. The uses of these gray diamond beads are making of gray diamond beads necklace, bracelet, other custom jewelry. Likewise, other custom jewelry in the gray diamond beads includes diamond charms, diamond earrings, and even diamond pendants.

Why You Do Buy Grey Diamond Beads Online?

Grey diamond beads are simply perfect and have a splendid appeal to them. You should choose the shape, design, and style while buying this Grey Diamond Beads Online depending on your personality. You possibly need to question yourself what length, size, carat weight, diamond shape and suitability of color diamond bead is for any occasion.

Grey diamond beads are distinctive, each physically and aesthetically. In easy words, all beads don’t seem to be of normal size and there’s a difference in quality too. So, if you would like a special size diamond bead jewelry or a special quality grey diamond bead, then you most likely should select a high quality take a look at. Betting on the standard of the beads, the worth and carat weight is determined. You’ll be able to simply get them at Gemone Diamonds with the size like and customization offered.

White Color Diamond Beads

White Uncut Diamond Beads

The natural white uncut diamond beads are 100% natural, which is jewelry with a unique look on their own. White uncut beads are available in 2 mm to 6 mm size. The great quality of white uncut beads is perfect for making custom jewelry, and they can be a much better option as compared to other glitter gemstones. Natural uncut white diamond beads strand necklace and a bracelet that will surely a unique style statement for you.

White Color Faceted Diamond Beads

White faceted diamonds beads are available from 2 mm to 4 mm size mostly. For a bigger size, it is possible to make it in a custom order. The white faceted diamonds beads are drill from 0.18 mm to 0.30 mm size so that the string or wire can go in it. The white faceted diamonds are cut and polished brilliantly by our artisan that gives a great sparkle and luster. This diamond faceted beads, well define out pieces for making the custom jewelry. So, the white diamond beads are optionally in use for making a diamond beads chain or necklace. Similarly, they are also used for making diamond bracelets, diamond charms, diamond earrings, and other customized jewelry. White diamond beads are 100% natural and genuine without any enhancements.

white faceted diamond beads

Nothing can be better than wearing diamond faceted beads at the wedding ever. Moreover, they have a positive vibe of their own as white diamond beads are marked with religious symbolism and piousness.

Black Color Diamond Beads

Black Uncut Diamond Beads

black uncut diamond beads

Natural Black Uncut Diamond Beads, A rough uncut diamond is a unique jet black color diamond bead that we often find in whimsical jewelry ornaments. These uncut black diamond beads have no fixed shape in any particular. It has not undergone any polishing. Raw diamonds also referred to as rough diamonds. Usually, these uncut diamonds whose quality is high enough to make them suitable for jewelry. These are sent to cut by custom jewelry professionals.

Black Faceted Diamond Beads

Natural black faceted diamonds come from size 2 mm to 8 mm. They are faceted on each of the surfaces to give it flashing and glittering look. Black faceted diamond beads are drilled from 0.18 mm to 0.30 mm laser drill to make sure a strand or metal wire passes thorough to make unique jewelry articles. The black diamonds faceted also are termed as natural black diamond beads and natural black polished diamond beads. Black diamond faceted beads are having its own beauty and sparkle that dazzle in any jewelry article.

black diamond faceted diamonds

Faceted black diamond beads add sparkle and class to any jewelry styles. Black diamond faceted beads are most sought out diamond beads for creating customized diamond jewelry, diamond bracelet, diamond earrings and a lot of style of jewelry. Natural black diamond faceted beads are sparklingly good and are natural. These Black diamond beads are extensively demanded throughout the jewelry industry.

Uses of Black Diamond Faceted Beads

Why choose black beads? You must be thinking about this question? I would say black diamond beads because they are the current trend. Well, black diamonds have gained their place in terms of other diamond beads.

Black Diamonds beads in yellow gold have matched the recent trends and the reason is simple just because of the color black. Jet black and Rose are two major things trending worldwide. Black diamond beads are among the most popular color of diamond beads. Black diamond’s beads can dress up or dress down an outfit, making them even more versatile.

Multi-Colored Diamond Beads

Multi-Colored Uncut Diamond Beads

multi-color uncut diamond beads

There are many people who like the different colors of the rainbow. The multi-color uncut diamond beads are a combination of all the raw color diamonds in one strand. Mostly used in bracelets and strands. One strand is often a combination of 4 to 5 different color diamond beads. This is for those who like to wear really different and like different colors of life.

Multi-Color Faceted Diamond Beads

Yet another variety of the diamond beads is the Multi-Color faceted diamond beads. Beads are mostly available as the strands in color mixed of white, gray, blue, black, gray and brown. Well, that bead as well calls as the mixed color faceted diamond beads. And the beads come are from size 2 mm to 5 mm size mostly. And they customize as per the client’s requirements.

multi-color diamond faceted diamond beads

The diamond beads are laser drilled using the laser for 0.18 mm to 0.30 mm size. The multi color diamonds are perfect for making diamond beads strand, diamond beads chain, diamond beads bracelet and more finest quality of the fine jewelry. So, these beads are perfect for making the distinct kind of jewelry by jewelers, jewelry designers, and bespoke jewelry.

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