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3.00 Carat Color Blue Diamonds Round Brilliant Lot (1.35 – 1.45mm) I1/ I3 Clarity

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This is a 3.ct (1.35 – 1.45mm) size in I1/ I3 clarity color blue diamonds that will make your diamond jewelry look gorgeous at wholesale price.



product Details

Color Blue Diamonds

Would you like to purchase color diamonds? Then, this color blue diamonds lot is perfect for you. you can use it in your diamond jewelry or vintage diamond jewelry.

This is a 3-carat in weight color blue diamonds round brilliant lot (1.35 – 1.45 mm) size in I1/ I3 clarity for sale online from Gemone Diamonds. At a very affordable price online. We manufacture and trade color blue diamonds worldwide. Read more about how to shop for diamonds?


The cause of Color: The trace element boron causes color in blue diamonds. Hydrogen can also cause grayish blue color in diamonds. As hydrogen is generally the cause of gray and even violet color. Greenish blue or green-blue diamonds also contain trace nitrogen impurities. Nitrogen causes yellow in diamond.

Secondary Colors: This is a common secondary color in blue diamonds include greenish blue and grayish blue.

A rarity of this diamond: The natural blue diamonds are particularly rare and are priced accordingly.

Grading: Faint blue, very light blue, light blue, fancy light blue, fancy blue, deep fancy intense blue, fancy dark blue, fancy deep blue, and fancy vivid blue.

So, if you are interested to purchase a blue color diamonds then definetly you can choose this blue color lots of diamond.

Why Purchase?

You can purchase it because it is going to be the best option if you are going to purchase these color blue diamonds in a lot. Blue diamonds are used in fashion and diamond jewelry industry on a large scale. You can use blue diamonds in various jewelry such as engagement rings, Promise Rings, Birthstone Ring, Hip – Hop Jewelry and bracelets.

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Diamond Id

GD 1897

Diamond Type


Diamond Shape

Round Brilliant

Diamond Size

1.35 – 1.45mm

No of diamonds

249 – 270



Carat Weight

3.00 Ct


I1 / I3








Not Applicable

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