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Nothing says “I do” like a traditional wedding ring with elegance. For a reason, these rings are termed classic. It features a classic design with a diamond that never goes out of style and is beautifully cut. Some of the favorite Mens & Women classic wedding rings from Gemone Diamonds are below, personalized according to diamond or gemstone you select and combination metals. Are you looking for men’s wedding ring? then, You have to check out men’s classic wedding rings.

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For the rest of your life, you will probably wear a classic ring. This is why, even while celebrating your 50th anniversary, Gemone Diamonds offers stunning wedding rings that you will always love. Besides, you don't have a bank to beak. We have something for all sizes of budgets.

Women`s Classic wedding ring sets received alterations such that the classic men’s wedding ring and the classic women’s wedding ring took different elegant designs. In the 19th century, diamonds offered a newer way of expressing the deep affection we have for our partners, and thus was born the classic wedding rings with diamonds. Diamonds, with their fire and brilliance, added an infatuating sparkle to the wedding ring. As we speak, while different modern iterations of the wedding ring have come up, the classic wedding rings with diamonds are the most popular among couples globally. Classic wedding rings are still one of trending wedding ring style.

What is a classic wedding ring?

Classic wedding rings are rings whose designs feature either a plain eternity metal band or one with a gemstone encrusted as the centerpiece, that you receive when you exchange your vows with your partner at a wedding ceremony. They are simplistic in nature, containing no extra modifications in design, but portray an aura of sophistication. As the traditional signature of marriage, classic wedding rings scream your I do every time.

What's the most Women's classic wedding ring style?

Made of a composite of simple but elegant features, the solitaire ring style with a brilliant round cut diamond is the ‘most classic. Solitaire rings are made of a metal band - either silver, gold, or platinum - with either a prong setting or a claw setting to hold the centerpiece diamond. This elegant simplistic design is timeless and bound to provide you the satisfaction you need throughout your life.

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