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cheap loose diamonds online

5 Carat (1.25 – 1.35 mm) I1/2 Clarity G/H Color Natural Cheap Loose Diamonds Online

sku GD 1351

$3,998.35 $2,889.99

5.00 ct lot of (1.25 – 1.35 mm) I1/2 Clarity G/H Color Natural Loose Diamond round brilliant cut direct from the bottom diamond manufacturer. you will get approx 500-550 pcs out of diamond lot shown in the picture.

Note: small size natural loose diamonds available in your customized sizes. These diamonds are not enhanced in any manner. Customized inquiry from jewelers & diamond dealers is most welcome.

product description

Cheap Loose Diamonds Online

5 ct (1.25 – 1.35 mm) I1/2 clarity G/H color natural Cheap Loose Diamonds Online. It’s of commercial I1/2 clarity on the GIA grading scale and G/H colorless diamonds on the GIA grading scale.

As a manufacturer of white loose diamond, we offer this finest quality natural cheap loose diamonds online with the round brilliant cut. Also, we provide a white color diamond for your designer diamond jewelry direct from our jewelry shop. We are one of the biggest manufacturers of natural loose diamond in India.

The round brilliant white diamonds are one of the popular and sparkling diamonds in the world. The brilliant round shape diamond also famous cut. Representing almost 75% of all diamonds sold. Due to the demands of its shape, the natural round diamonds are normally superior to fancy diamond shapes. At the proper reflection of light maximizes promising brightness.

The diamond cost more on a per carat basis than the fancy shape for two reasons. The second yield is relatively low.

What Are The Uses?

The beautiful loose diamonds have the finest round brilliant cut with 57 facets. These cheap loose diamonds online are finest to use in all kind of diamond jewelry including birthstone ringship hop diamond jewelryMens jewelry, and other designer jewelry. Each natural white loose diamonds round brilliant lot you can buy and you have got their existence from South Africa.

Are You Searching For Small Size Diamond For Your Jewelry?

Then now stop your search and come to our jewelry shop. This each diamond size is 1.25 – 1.35 mm. So, you can set easily these diamonds in your jewelry forms. This small size round brilliant cheap loose diamonds online are the easy way to add sparkle to diamond engagement rings.

How can you use this small size loose diamond for making diamond jewelry? You can use these small size star diamonds at your designer diamond jewelry. You can also make the fancy jewelry with use of these diamond lot. Such as diamond hoop earringsengagement ringsDiamond bridal set wedding bandsdiamond bangle bracelet, neckless, etc. I’ll make sure these natural brilliant diamond are the perfect suit in your jewelry.


Each of the diamond that we cut and polish in our factory by Kimberly processes certification scheme compliant. Each diamond polished in our unit is cut brilliant by our diamond artisans who are expert at faceting. As a leading natural loose diamond producer, we invite you to bulk inquiry and another query.

Why Buy From Us?

Gemone Diamonds is the leading manufacturer of Natural Diamonds. We are the second generation with more than 50 years of experience in the diamond industry. We know about diamonds much better than most of the jewelers, dealers, and suppliers in the USA.

I feel glad to say that we have got the mastery in diamond cutting and polishing since our ancestors time. We, make sure that what we serve to our customers every time it must be the best. After all the best customer’s experience will lead us to work more for you. The quality that we offer is the best than any other dealer.

Diamond Id

GD 1351

Diamond Type


Diamond Shape


Diamond Size

1.25 – 1.35 mm (Approx)

Number of Diamonds

500 – 550 (Approx)



Carat Weight

5.00 CT











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