What To Look For While Buying Black Diamonds? Steps To Follow Before Purchasing

Buying Black Diamonds?

What to look for when buying black diamonds? Natural Black Diamonds have become one of the highly sought out natural diamonds because of their affordability and unique look.

Before you buy Natural BLACK DIAMONDS, You must keep in mind the following points:

Learn more about black diamonds

We have huge resources available to study all about natural black diamonds. Real Black diamonds are crystallized carbon with a hardness of 10, just like any regular natural diamonds. The color black appears mainly because of the following reasons:

  • Dark inclusions
  • Changes in white high filled diamonds
  • High temperatures or radiation

Buying black diamonds?

  • A natural black diamond is a completely rare and naturally very expensive stone. Most natural black diamonds occur as irregular black masses that are also known as carbonados (Portuguese for black). Most Natural black diamonds on the market are treated black diamonds. Treatment of gemstones is a procedure that dates back to several centuries.
  • Black diamonds are treated (irradiated or heated) to imbibe that regularity of black color. This is a regular practice in the industry and you must know it. When you are purchasing a black diamond, you must keep in mind, if it’s a natural black diamond, to be sure they are highly-priced. Black diamonds at Genome Diamond are Heated and not irradiated, so they don’t have any bad impact on your body.

What To Look For In A Black Diamond?

Buying Black Diamonds?

A smooth surface, a good cut, and rich color is the minimum requirement of quality natural black diamonds. Even if heated, a black diamond is very much a real diamond, 100% natural.

  • Learn the four C’s of the diamond. The four C’s are the ordinary language of diamonds. All diamonds are evaluated on the basis of their Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Black diamonds are no exception. Black diamonds can be a single cut (16 facets) or bright cut (57 facets) or may have a fancy shape.
  • The minimum requirement is that the surfaces should be polished and the color should be evenly distributed. Clarity refers to the presence of inclusions or flaws. Grades are AAA, AA+, AA, A, and I1 with AAA being the most excellent.
  • A black diamond should have a glossy, sparkling surface. Carat is the weight of a diamond. Since the frequency of a black diamond is greater, the black diamond will look smaller than a white diamond.
  • A great number of black diamonds sold in today’s market are not real or authentic. They are treated stones, clearly dark brown or very dark green diamonds. What’s a real stone then? It is difficult to cut and can be much more breakable than other diamonds.


When Buying Black Diamonds online, beware of misleading ads. Go for terms that say GIA certified or untreated. They can be as costly as their white certified counterparts. Fancy natural black diamonds are untreated. The term ‘fancy’ is employed when associated with a particular benefit of a diamond.

  • The term ‘fancy’ has a tendency to refrain from using it when any kind of treatment is applied. We cannot use this term in most cases.
  • Generally, the term untreated also relates to a higher raw black diamond price.
  • GIA means it’s a certain quality and higher priced. GIA certification itself costs more, so the stone price is higher.

Buying Black Diamonds Online – Compare Diamond Prices

Once you made your mind to purchase a black diamond online you need to follow further steps.

  • Check the quality, quantity, and clarity of the stone properly.
  • Compare prices online with every top website and don’t forget to check with their customer reviews.
  • Once you are done comparing prices, go for the one which is best overall the above two steps.

Remember to choose wisely and don’t just get blind at low prices. Check everything and then move forward.

Note: Acquiring diamonds from manufacturers would cost you a little bit less.

Buying black diamonds might be worth thousands of US dollars, however, treated black diamond will be accessible at a hundred dollars per Carat. It’s up to your pocket to take the decision.

Inspecting black diamonds

Buying Black Diamonds?

Take a fiber-optic light and put the diamond under the light. The edges of a black diamond will reflect the dark brown color and that is what differentiates it.

In combo with white diamonds, a solitaire black diamond has a much stronger personality. Black diamonds with white ones resemble a splendid combination called ‘cocktail in a part of jewelry’ and it enhances the beauty of both diamonds. This brings a balance between conventional and modern looks. So, you can definitely say the power of black and white works together. Thanks to Mr. Michael Jackson’s (song) Black or White.

Crosscheck the vendor’s references

When buying black diamonds, there are a few things you must look at. To begin with, check the vendor’s associations and credentials with Public and Professional Organisations. Inspect their official website. Make sure you’ve checked the feedback from past customers on the consumer forum about who bought black diamonds from them.

Buying natural black diamonds online? Do you need to know What To Look for When Buying Black Diamonds? Surprisingly, ordering certified black diamonds over the Internet is a rather pleasant experience. That is what a slight search over google or any search engine can tell you.

A great variety of well-cut black diamonds can be found on the Internet at the best prices. It is easier to buy online than to find a reputable local jeweler. However, make sure you can trust an online merchant for setting a diamond, its cleaning, and repair. Always find a good policy and ask for a real picture or a video before buying.

More questions regarding What To Look when Buying Black Diamonds? Email us or call us. 99.99% sure we have the answers.

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