Black Diamond Jewelry? Which Is Best Treated Or Earthmined Black Diamonds? April 16, 2014 Ashish Sukhadiya

Black Diamond Jewelry? Which Is Best Treated Or Earthmined Black Diamonds?


What is a Black Diamond?

How rare is a black diamond?

Black diamonds are usually enhanced. Black diamonds are genuine diamonds treated with radiation to make their color come out black. Under normal lighting conditions, the color enhanced black diamond looks black. but it is literally very dark green. To observe the very dark green color, a fiber-optic light source can be placed near a fine edge of the diamond (normally near Girdle). This allows the light to illuminate some of the interiors of the stone. The very dark green color that comes visible and is commonly seen in enhanced black diamonds. The very dark green color that is seen is no way seen in natural diamonds. It is a result of radiation treatment. Normally black diamonds don’t reflect light, it actually consume the light and that is the reason why it does not sparkle as much as their white identical parts do.

Are there natural black diamonds that are not treated?

Yes, a natural black diamond has a color that is the result of various inclusions. Most of these inclusions are graphite and other forms of gas. Due to the high extent of these dark inclusions, natural black diamonds are generally opaque. Also, because of these high inclusions, the diamonds are very easily fracturing and are difficult to cut. Making them difficult to polish and finish. There are some natural large black diamonds that are very famous: the Black Star of Africa at 202 carats. and the Black Orlov at 67.50 carats.

Should I ask for a “natural black diamond” in my jewelry?

Many people want natural gems and diamonds. An improved black diamond is a natural diamond that is treated to obtain uniform color. It is usually much better quality than a “natural” black diamond because of the nature of its inclusions. Enhanced black diamonds are stunning when set with conflicting white diamonds or even when set as a solitaire piece. To receive a black diamond is to receive a genuine diamond.

The posh appearance of the black diamond has led to its growing popularity. It is an elegant gem with a rich look! generally black diamond became famous from American rap culture. the American origin black rappers have worn them usually in rings and pendants during their shows and it was the reason right now it is very much famous. for last few years, the Japanese even started using it

Find the difference between two pieces and then make your own judgment which suits best to your jewelry. The first photo is of earth-mined natural black diamonds which looks bad, and is costly…….the second photo is treated black diamond which is  $100 per carat quality and looks damn beautiful………….. I tell choice..treated commands upper hand in most parameters.

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