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Do you know black diamonds by any other name? So it’s a perfect time to know about it. Carbonado is also the Black Diamond name. Here, there are many types of black diamonds such as natural black diamond/carbonado, treated/heated black diamond, and man-made black diamond.

Are Black Diamonds Real?

How to tell if a black diamond is real or not? So it’s a perfect time to know about it and spread some knowledge about it. Yes, black diamonds are real and natural diamonds. They come naturally from the earth with the same chemical composition as traditional colorless diamonds.

black vs white diamond

The main difference between white and black diamonds are the number of inclusion and spots, which are responsible for giving black diamond their color.

What is Carbonado Diamond?

Everybody assumes about what are black diamonds, whether are they real or not, what they look like, and what is their actual meaning. Here, Carbonados are usually referred to as the “natural black diamond“, and it is the toughest form of a natural diamond. It’s an impure type of polycrystalline diamond consisting of carbon, graphite, and amorphous carbon.

Polycrystalline Dimaond Sturcture

Black Diamonds are also known as Carbon Isotopes. It means they possess the same chemical element but have different atomic weights and physical properties. Maybe this is a reason why they are harder to cut than other fancy colored diamonds.


Huge size black diamonds are actually made up of many smaller black crystals. Typically, they are a single solid stone but a black diamond is bound together by internal inclusions. This is what holds millions of tiny diamond particles together. This is known as a polycrystalline structure and it is the reason why it has a dark black color.

Where do black diamonds come from?

And it is also believed that carbonados originated from falling from the sky for too many years. And the conclusion after some research by the expert is that the black diamond was created in the same way as a colorless diamond.


Origins of black diamonds

Primarily found in Brazil, South America, and Central Africa, they were formed more than 3.5 billion years ago. Below the surface of the earth, extreme heat and pressure caused carbon atoms to convert into crystals. Over time, pressure and recurring volcanic activity pushed the diamond to the earth’s surface. Furthermore, these magnificent stones contain black spots of sulfides which cause a dense texture. And the rate on the Mohs scale at 10 indicates the extreme hardness of the stone.

Black Diamond Grading

The 4 C’s of Diamond come to play even when you gauge the value of black diamond jewelry. These are the carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. Black diamonds fall outside this color range as they are completely Opaque in appearance. Furthermore, they come naturally with smooth surfaces and have 57 facets with the color evenly distributed in the round brilliant cut.  Generally, the best ones are more transparent and if you go for a dark black one, odds are that its value will not be as worth as a natural black one. Those that are glossy and sparkling come to the best.

black diamond grading

In addition, there are certain grades for clarity such as AAA, AA, A, etc. Wherein AAA is the highest quality one. AAA black diamond means its jet black color has the finest luster and no pots/nicks and scratches on its crown and table. You cannot compare the carat weight of black VS white diamond, considering the fact that the density of the black ones is more. And hence they can appear smaller than the white ones. The cut is the exactly same as the shape of the diamond but a little bit thicker on the griddle and pavilion part. Moreover, it is the gemstone’s symmetry and the glossiness of the surface that determines its cut as well as quality.


Popular Black Dimaonds

Black diamonds became extremely popular in the 20th century. When some black diamonds started to appear in the engagement ring and other jewelry. There are multiple reasons why a beautiful black diamond is the most popular. I’d like to tell you one of them a reason that black diamond is that part of the fancy color diamond family. And mostly black diamonds are rarest and less valuable than other color diamonds and gemstones. And they are considered to be fairly affordable. The value of a Carbonado diamond depends on the intensity of the color and clarity. That’s why this is the most popular color diamond compared to other colored diamonds.


What are black diamonds Intensity Levels, here black diamonds are found in only one color intensity that is fancy black. That’s why it’s a contrast to other colored diamonds. Even they do not receive regular color, clarity, and quality.

intensity of black diamond

The black diamond comes with different intensities from other color diamonds. Because sometimes gray spots and inclusions on the black diamond.


The black diamond defines by 4 C’s that are Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat – Weight. Black diamonds don’t have visible inclusion but they have internal inclusion. Therefore clarity is absent for black diamonds. Research the experts, mostly black diamond comes with an Opaque so can’t determine the grade of black diamonds.

black and color diamonds

When compared to rarer fancy colored diamonds, natural black diamonds are relatively affordable. Even though natural black diamond is actually extremely rare, when available. They offer a more affordable option for consumers who want a fancy colored diamond without spending a fortune.


Due to the fact that black diamonds are so porous, they are prone to chipping and cracking, and you should avoid hitting them against walls, furniture, and countertops. In addition, the colorless treatment of black diamond and carbonados should never clean with ultrasonic cleaners, as it could affect the color of the diamond.

Whether you want to tell that special someone how much they mean to you or you want to give a loved one something they will cherish for a lifetime. Black diamond jewelry is the perfect choice to let someone know you care. Black diamonds are precious, unique stones that bring a fantastic combination of beauty and contrast to your jewelry wardrobe.


Typically loose natural black diamonds are completely opaque with a high luster that gives the stones an almost metallic appearance. And the black diamond is so deeply included that cutting and polishing them is very difficult. However, a natural color black diamond is a beautiful stone, with a distinctive look unlike other color diamonds in the marketplace. They are much more affordable than other color diamonds.


The popularity of black diamond has increased in current years. Because recently used natural black diamonds in a modern piece of jewelry and it looks gorgeous in fine jewelry. While the value of the black diamond was fairly low in years past. They’re currently seen as an addition to jewelry and their costs are quite affordable.

loose black diamond stone


Black Diamond symbolizes eternal, flawless, mystery, power, strength, authority, and unchanging love/endless love. And that is making them perfect for black diamond jewelry. Black diamonds are associated with action, energy, passion, and grief.

why are black diamond unique

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