Black Diamonds Vs Black Moissanites April 16, 2014 Ashish Sukhadiya

Black Diamonds Vs Black Moissanites


Black Diamonds Vs Black Moissanites

just tell me which one of below is real diamonds and which one is moissanite.

the first photo is MOISSANITE and second one is REAL DIAMONDS.

Black moissanite are just too much perfect because most of it are synthetic in nature as of now. but as black diamonds are earth mined….they are not perfect…….very few real black diamonds are perfect that is with out any pots, scratches.

Moissanite is simply a man-made Diamond Look-A-Like!


The first time I ever encountered Moissanite was about 6 years ago.

A customer brought in their “Diamond” Engagement Ring saying to repair it at our jewellery house.

our professional team louping the Ring carefully and testing the stone with a Diamond Tester. It tested as Diamond, but experts are not convinced.

He kept looking at it from all different angles, even upside down.The stone just didn’t look right.

The optical properties were different, the color was off, the way the stone handled light was odd. He showed the stone to the other Jewelers which was followed by confusion, discussions and opinions.

The outcome:

“This is NOT a Diamond!”

It was later determined that the stone in question was in fact, a Moissanite!

it was not a real Diamond! but a synthetic fake thing as 99.98% moissanite are synthetic in nature now.

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is actually a Natural, Genuine Stone that is so rare in Nature that only a few small pieces exist. First discovered in Canyon Diablo in a Meteorite in 1893 by one Dr. Henri Moissan, who at the time mistook the stone for Diamond. It was found later to be a new mineral similar to Diamond, but at the same time, drastically different in many, many ways!

Let’s get a couple of things straight about Moissanite…

Moissanite is NOT a Diamond and not even a Diamond Substitute! Nor a brand name for a Diamond!

Moissanite is a Genuine Stone, but so rare that it can’t even be used for Jewelry! (That’s where Created Moissanite steps in) Moissanite is made of Silicon Carbide. (Diamond is made of 100% pure Carbon.) Moissanite on the Mohs Scale of Hardness is 9.25. (Diamond is a 10. CZ is 9)

Electronic diamond testers often identify treated black diamonds as moissanites, causing concern to consumers who thought they had black diamonds. This can occur if the tester was designed to separate diamond from moissanite based on electro-conductivity. Moissanite stones are electro-conductive, but natural-color diamonds are not. However, color-treated black diamonds become electro-conductive during the process that enhances their color. As a result, jewelers sometimes mis-identify the color-treated stones.

So how do you determine if a black diamond is a real diamond or a moissanite? Actually, the test that labeled the diamond as a moissanite reveals the gem’s true identity. Although diamond testers identify colorless moissanite, they don’t take accurate readings of any colored moissanite. Because neither natural color black diamond nor black moissanite test as moissanite on the electronic testers, when a jeweler tests a stone and the tester indicates “moissanite,” the test is a confirmation that the black gem in question is a treated-black color, natural diamond.


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