Black Diamond Vs White Diamond, What is a Black Diamond? Is it Real or Fake? How to Know the Difference?


While black diamonds are chemically identical to white diamonds, the black diamonds’ structure is significantly diamond vs white diamonds

This difference causes most black diamonds to absorb more light, which makes them look opaque. Black diamonds are more porous compared to white diamonds.

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The color difference between black vs white diamonds is apparent, however, it is important to note black diamonds are not only low-quality diamonds.


Black diamonds aren’t just regular diamonds, unlike what some people believe. Whereas black diamond colors are not due to only “inclusions,” of the diamond clarity appertains to the number. The visibility, and size of external and internal defects. While 1 carat black diamond clarity may be graded as very low. So, the reality is that the typical white diamond clarity grades aren’t really useful in black diamonds gradation.


Black diamonds are cheaper than white diamonds. This is partly because many of the black diamonds are in fact of creation in a laboratory nowadays. Natural black diamonds, however, are very rare.

Black Diamond Prices Chart
White diamond Prices Chart
A question often comes to the minds of jewelry lovers – What is a black diamond are?

Are they as valuable as white diamonds and yellow (precious diamonds)?

Many People don’t know what 1 carat black diamond are. One thing is sure – they look pretty neat on the web, right? So, how do we know if they are real or synthetic? What makes these diamonds look black? How are black diamonds made? What color do they really have? (We know D and E are very good colors for clear/classic diamonds and the other end of the diamond spectrum).

white & black diamonds

Black Diamond Vs White Diamond Prices

Are these Black Diamonds to be in value at a similar level with their white/yellow counterparts? or should they be cheaper? There are many questions in a buyer’s mind and the answer to this question is NO.

Black Diamonds came into fashion in recent years. But now they are a favorite preference for most diamond lovers. People often get unclear about the genuine value of black diamonds. Why? because in most of the case, when it comes to Black Diamond Vs White Diamond costs. So now here, treated black diamonds are cheaper than their white diamond counterparts – Pure Earth-Mined black diamonds (Carbonado diamond ). However, are more expensive. Experts claim these are the most expensive diamonds in the world.

Being a Diamond  professional in this field, I would take you to the perspective of diamond manufacturers, and describe what black diamonds truly are.

There are two types of black diamonds, both of which are 100% genuine. But there is still a wide difference in their price and quality, in addition to the process of their creation.


 1. Pure Earth-Mined Black Diamonds

These are the regular black diamonds, which come in an available just like any other diamond type.

For instance, white diamonds, in their natural form, they are black only by origin. Again, this depends on their impurity levels and what quality they have, in addition to their value The quality of genuine black diamonds are so high in price because of their rarity. And the lack of any treatment or processing done onto them. Light can pass through these diamonds because of their transparency, while they are fluorescent as well. 1-Carat of genuine earth-mined black diamonds can be priced at $4000 to $5000 if they are at the highest quality.

which is right for you! black or white diamond
2. Treated Black Diamonds

These Black diamonds are not Black by their origin; these are those diamonds that are filled with impurities and stains inside. Therefore, a manufacturer cannot use these to make quality large size white diamonds .

We can say that these are very low-quality diamonds. What manufacturers do with these low-quality diamonds is polishing them just like genuine real diamonds, and then treating and processing them. Here, this may be either with heat or radioactivity to make them Jet black in color. And finally, these are the diamonds that are given in black color to add value to them; otherwise, they are not of any gemming grade.

These diamonds are available in dearth these days, because of the advancement of treatment methods, in addition to their wide use in cocktail jewelry. Not to mention their price is much cheaper than their earth-mined black counterparts. The 1 carat black diamond price ranges between $100 and $200 depending on the quality and the size. Make sure you buy only certified black diamonds online.


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