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Make Money on Diamond and Engagement Ring Sales!

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  1. We offer extensive benefits to our affiliates. First, you receive a whopping 5 percent commission on every sale. With our average monthly sale by affiliate being $6500, the rewards from working with us are sound.
  2. Secondly, Gemone diamond’s affiliate program cuts out middle men from the sale ensuring that you retain a higher percentage of every sale you make. Even more enticing is our team’s commitment to guiding your path to monetize your website and drive traffic.
  3. With our unique assortment of diamond products, great pricing and reputation as a leading retailer in the diamond and jewelry industry, this is an opportunity to create a great income stream.
No. However, we require affiliates with great, frequently updated content on their websites and a strong brand image. We also require go-getter individuals who will be committed to meeting sales milestones and ensuring growth in their monthly sales.
You will be able to track sales through PayPal’s specialized sales tracking software. The specialized link we provide will have a unique ID used to log your sales. Afterwards we’ll calculate the commission amount and remit it to your wallet.
There are different ways. First through running promotional campaigns on your website. Second, in the internet age, you could reach a wider audience by leveraging the power of social media platforms.
Unfortunately, No. currently we are interested in working with brands with a functional, frequently updated website.
We qualify a sale after the full transaction process made through your link is complete. After inspecting the products on our website and selecting one, the client will make their payment without cancellation and receive the shipped diamond. Once the process is complete, you will be eligible to receive your commission.
We offer a 30-day cookie. This means that you will receive your commission for the previous month’s sale after every 30 days. we make all payments through PayPal.
You will be frequently updated on offers and products through the email you provide. You can also follow our socials media handles and be updated from our posts.

Join Gemone Diamonds affiliate program today for the opportunity to monetize your website easily by working with one of the top online retailers in the Diamonds and jewelry Industry.

Signing up is Fast, Easy and FREE, and we’ll pay you a generous 5% commission on every sale that comes directly from your website and/or domain.


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