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Who wouldn’t want 5ct loose diamonds? Especially ones crafted so beautifully, with so much ingenuity! If you’ve been looking for loose diamonds, then we’ve got you covered! Gemone is the perfect place for purchasing diamonds. We sell not just loose cut diamonds but a wide range of these mesmerizing gemstones, either loose or embellished in jewelry. Our skilled jewelry designers and diamond experts combine their exceptional craftsman skills with their experience working with diamonds and come up with the most dazzling results ever!

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Shop our range of 5ct loose black diamonds, available in 4 and 5 carats. We provide you with a wide variety of shapes and designs to choose from. We've got the classic round brilliant cut diamonds to the more consolidated ones such as 5ct loose diamonds and the princess cut natural loose diamond. With their unique cut and design, and their deep black color, our loose diamonds are the perfect purchase. They're the perfect addition to your gemstone collection, not just elegant, but also a dull and deep beauty.

Our company has been working in the diamond field since 1967. We've become well acquainted with the demands of customers and what their preferences are, regarding diamonds. Keeping this in mind, we come up with the most innovative and breath-taking loose diamonds. Whether you're in search of 5ct loose diamonds or diamond jewelry, we've got you covered! Our experts have embellished diamonds on a variety of materials ranging from platinum, to gold and even silver, giving each piece its intricate detailing, and beauty.

We pride ourselves for always serving our customers with the best 5 carat loose diamonds. We have always dealt with customers with honesty and integrity. This is the reason behind our chain of loyal customers. So get your hands on these black beauties now, before they run out!

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