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Diamonds are forever. These priceless precious stones have managed to woo the ladies for decades. A diamond is said to add more weight to a relationship. You can also fascinate the special lady in your life with the help of a memorable gift from our rare diamonds collection including 5 carat black diamonds. It is said that the journey to the heart of a women starts from diamonds. The Gemone has been in the business of letting people express their love and care towards that special someone in their lives. Out large panel of rare and exotic black diamonds is the perfect gift. Most people always think about making a grand gesture but they do not know how. Therefore, we at Gemonediamond have introduced a line of pure 5 carat loose black diamonds that are rare and priceless.

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The shine of the diamond collection is the brightest since it has been polished and cut by an expert jewelers at Gem One. Our rare and exotic 5 carat black diamonds collection is available in the best cut that gives them a distinct look and adds to their value.

All of these styles are available from a range of 4 to 5 carats each. There are many women who like to stand out from the crowd. For all such special ladies we have search wide and far and found the special reserves where these rare black diamonds are found. The color black is a symbol of strength and vigilance. Gemone salutes ladies out there who want to pamper themselves and buy a lovely gift to make them happy. The 5 carat black diamonds represents the strong independent woman of the 21st century. Our products are for ladies out there who are looking for a perfect gift for the special ladies who have inspired them in life.

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