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Browse our selection of fully certified and ethically sourced selection of 3 Carat Loose natural Diamonds to find that fully matches your needs. Gemone Diamond offers a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and clarity choices to give you the freedom of choosing what your heart desires. Our precisely made diamond selection is sure to complement your jewelry and turn heads of every onlooker. Each and every diamond we produce or procure is gone through multiple testing procedures to deliver you only the finest pieces of jewelry. We take pride in providing our respected clients only the best in the business jewels and we aim to deliver you the same thing too.

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Having over five decades of experience in creating and polishing all types of diamonds and jewelry, Gemone Diamond has made a name for exporting only the highest grade 3 Ct. Loose Diamonds all over the globe. Doesn’t matter which part of the world you belong to, we can deliver just the kind of jewelry you need right at your doorstep; that’s our promise. From wedding ornaments to engagement presents, and from anniversary gifts to friendship bracelets, we have done it all and more.

Getting the kind of jewelry you want is not expensive at all as long as you purchase from Gemone Diamonds. We offer the most economical prices for our skillfully crafted 3 Carat Loose Diamonds to give you just the thing you need without burning a hole in your pocket. We give our clients the freedom to choose the shape, size, color, clarity, and polishing they want for their jewelry and then we make it happen exactly as they specify. Go through our proud selection of naturally formed diamonds and jewels to find one that is truly yours. Rest assured that we will deliver you nothing short of the highest quality for your purchased diamonds.

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