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Creating the perfect jewelry for your occasion is a tough thing to establish/create.  Here, Gemone is presenting you 3 Carat Black Diamond for your jewelry to make them look attractive and magnifying. black diamond 3 carat is a large enough diamond to make your appearance enormous and luxurious. Our Black Diamond jewelry looks magnificent, as diamonds are a complimentary thing to add to your life.

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If you are wondering "What is a Black Diamond?" then I can give you a short brief about it, Black diamond is one of the toughest forms of natural diamond. It’s full of impure inclusions and those inclusions make them occur boldly and its immense beauty reflects from that inclusions. The one thing special about the black diamond is they are naturally completely opaque. These diamonds can’t be graded on the basis of 4c's.

We are also offering Black loose diamonds at the best and most reasonable price, with that you can complete your look by adding them to the engagement ring as the center stone or also as the side stone, or else paring them with the white diamond will form an exotic-magical look.

Gemone diamond is the store where you get a customization option, you can shape your diamond in the way you want and resize also. The payment option of our store is easy, as we have the PayPal payment option that will make your journey of payment easy and your cash is also safe with us. Black diamond of 3ct black diamond weight appears the diamond looks bigger. Discover the new product from these black diamonds and make your purchase complete.

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