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20 Inch Natural Raw Uncut Loose Black Diamond Beads

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Uncut diamond beads are also referred to as rough diamond beads. They are untreated beads that are 100% natural. The approximate 2mm to 6mm, having an improper shape with a stone-like feature. They are used to make varieties of jewelry.

  • 24 Carat uncut black diamonds beads
  • Irregular Shapes
  • Jet black color

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Uncut Black Diamond Beads

Well, here, the uncut black diamond beads are industrial grade beads which mean created by industries. That is 100% natural and it is untreated beads. This uncut diamond beads are also known as rough diamonds beads or raw diamonds beads.

The word bead derived from an old Germanic word meaning to pray. Where a string of beads is used for counting of prayer mainly in the rosary.

Gemone Diamonds also provides with best absolute choice of many products. These uncut beads look black in color. Their size is 2mm to 3mm (approx)  and the color is in jet black. This uncut rough diamonds beads are pure. The shape is improper. It is not polished and is kind of stone.

Do you want to know what truly a bead means?

It is a small piece of diamonds that are in threated to make a necklace or rosary. It hardness are similar to the diamonds. Whereas this is loose beads that are not with the threat for a necklace or rosary. Likewise, the rough uncut diamonds beads are with less visible tone and are more valuable. If you wanted to learn more about a rough uncut diamonds beads you ‘re provided with our blogs.

Values of uncut rough diamonds beads?

Firstly, the rough diamonds beads are in the use of a wide range of rough and raw diamond jewelry. For instance, bracelet, necklace, ring, earring also in hip hop jewelry and pendants. Why? because uncut rough diamonds beads have a very uncommon look. It is widely available with various color, and sizes. The uncut beads are a drill but the holes are small.

So, if you wish to own an uncut diamonds beads apart from this black color. We also provide you with different varieties of rough uncut loose diamonds beads. Such as yellow, black, green, grey, white, blue, brown, brown mixed, greenish yellow and in mixed of multi-color as well.

Gemone Diamond is the online wholesaler of black diamonds, diamonds jewelry and beads. Where you ‘re provided with a reasonable price without any doubt. If you want to explore more then find the best black diamond loose with standard quality at an amazing price.


Here, only for the uncut rough diamonds beads strands will be available for customizing. The size of the uncut beads is available from 1 mm to 5mm approx. Beads holes can be customized according to their size.

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