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Diamonds are timeless classics. Check out our 2 Carat Black Diamonds collection for making your rings, bracelets, earrings more beautiful. Black diamond’s give a bold look to any jewelry you wear. We have a variety of shapes including round, princess, oval, emerald etc….in Black diamond with different cuts.
our 2 carat black diamond price is between $300-$400..

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2 carat black diamonds are used in rings and earrings generally. The Beautiful solitaire ring can be made or stud earring is the best option for those who love to wear small studs every day. Black diamonds are cheap in price than white diamonds and any other color diamonds, as black diamonds mostly have graphite inclusions. You can find several shapes like kite cut, oval cut, marquise cut, etc at Gemone Diamond.

At Gemone diamond you can find genuine 2 ct black diamonds of the best quality at a reasonable price. We provide 100% Natural black Diamonds. So, what to wait for, get it now.

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