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There is no better jewel to be on your rings than diamond. And as always, Gemondiamond brings the best in the pool to you. We have always provided our customers with the best jewelry such as 1ct pear diamond ring with exquisite gems to adorn themselves with. This time is no different! Allow us to introduce our 1ct pear diamond ring. The shape of this gem is such that it looks like a teardrop. This makes the diamond look larger and also elegant in the right kind of way. Another reason it is the crowd’s favorite makes your fingers seem elongated, which just contributes to its elegance.

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These diamond rings sparkle in a way that outshines everything else in the room! And at a reasonable price too. Our 1ct pear diamond ring is available from the shockingly cheap price of fifty dollars to nine hundred and ninety. This means it is affordable for everyone! What can be better than this? Let us tell you.

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We at Gemondiamond always provide the best care for our customers and so is the case here as well. The diamonds on our 1ct pear diamond ring are of the best quality at any price, but you can still make your additions to your rings. If you wish to personalize your rings, we can do that for you as well! You just have to say and we will get it done. Whether it be engravings or other customizations, we bring your designs to reality here! Not only this, we make sure that you can find the best for you just from our websites. Our advanced searches will allow you to find the best product for you in your budget and in your preferred shape and color too! So you don’t have to look through a whole range of products you might not be interested in.

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On top of that our customers review the product and rate it as well, so it is easier for you to make your decision with surety! Payment for these rings and the rest of our products, rest assured, is as simple and secure as it gets! We offer secure PayPal payment and payment policies which you can check out. Not only that, you can enjoy free shipping too! If convenient, you can also visit our shop in New Jersey, United States of America for an amazing shopping experience.

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