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Gemondiamond always brings to its customers affordable but entirely new pieces of jewellery. Today, we have for you our 1ct Oval Diamond Ring! Now, not a lot of customers are familiar with this but this elegant piece of jewellery is sure to become one of your favourites the moment you try it on. Our customers have guaranteed that. One of the many reasons our customers are huge fans of this product is its ability to make your fingers look longer and more elegant. The diamond sits just right on the ring thanks to its oval shape; looking neither too large nor too small. They can over shine all the other stones in the room and are available at a surprisingly reasonable price.

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Let us tell you more about what we offer when we say “1ct Oval diamond ring”. We have the best one-carat black diamonds for rings. Ranging from prices as cheap as seventy dollars to above thousand. Our website lays it all out, with details about the all ring sizes and their price range. We give our users the most user-friendly experience by giving you options to sort the rings by price, popularity, and trend. Every product is accompanied by our customer’s reviews which will help you decide for yourself. Surfing through our website alone will leave you with a pretty clear idea about our products.

We understand that some customers may have something very specific they are looking for. For this reason we also offer customization! For both men and women rings our customers can request additional services which we dutifully provide. You can also get them on our 1ct oval diamond ring. You can get engravings on the band of your choice which is sure to make the ring special for you or your loved one! If this all was not enough to persuade you to trust us, let us share additional information. We at Gemondiamonds provide free shipping and a secure PayPal payment system. We hope to provide our customers with not only the best jewels but also the most amazing customer experience. For more information, you can even visit our store in New Jersey, United States of America. So move and get some of our finest one carat oval diamond rings.

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