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We provide delicate 1ct diamond stud earrings that can match your taste. We also provide the facility of free shipping as an additional feature. It is a fact that the delicate princess cut diamond ring is one of the popular styles right now. Since the gracefulness of this style of diamonds is THE phenomenon. So choosing our services will grant you satisfaction, exceeding your expectations. Additionally, we can provide styles suite for both men and women.

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These days, luxury has received great importance. It is in fashion and everyone chases them. People of high societies have been easily catching attention towards the means of luxurious items. But when looking for luxury like 1ct diamond stud earrings, finding trustworthy sources is quite difficult and time-consuming. So, is there a way to avoid such fatigue? Fortunately, you can trust us regarding the whole façade of luxurious jewelry.

The customizable option that we put forward in your presence

It is a statistical point that our services would prove themselves to come out better than you would ever imagine. When you would come in contact with our shop or any online outlet; two basic options will be given to you. That is if you either want a rectangle-like shaped ring or a circular one. If you use our online outlets, payments can be done and in the record by our PayPal method. We also take a factual survey regarding the type and style you would like. Our packages involve the coloring of the stone and style. These can be:

In addition to these, our ring styles can have every sort of finishing you like. Whether it is of gold or silver, or the style of center or side stone; your command is our priority.

The other details that we provide

We live in the 21st century; people want variety, excitement, and the IT factor. So something traditional and bland won’t always work. The presence and availability of customization factors are a need. If you want a shiny and expensive-looking ring, we would always suggest and prefer the princess cut; as it possesses a geometrical structure that gives an intense reflection of light. In addition to that, we have pocket-friendly options and substitutes to dazzle up your 1ct diamond stud earrings.

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