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Only a diamond ring can match its absolute ageless splendour and beauty when it comes to exquisite jewellery. If you are looking for white & black 1ct diamond rings then you should visit our store located in New Jersey, USA to get the best designs in your budget at one place.

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Take your time to choose the best from Gemone diamonds

A hasty and frenzied decision is very unlikely to yield the results you or your spouse truly desire. Perfection, by definition, necessitates patience. You can get the ring customized at our store in the USA easily.

We offer deal-breakers

Make sure you've thought about the many styles available, and do your best to learn about or discuss your partner's sense of style, preferences, and deal-breakers ahead of time.

Our Rings have all  'Four Cs.'

The four Cs of the diamond world would determine the diamond's quality, appearance, and price: cut, clarity, colour, and carat.

Think about the 1ct diamond ring's setting

The framework wherein the diamond shall sit, aesthetic flourishes, offering context, and the capacity to take the brilliance of your selected gemstone to new heights are all important aspects of the setting.

  • The solitaire
  • The halo
  • Three stone
  • The cluster

Diamond shapes to fit their style

Every diamond is unique, and every diamond would be cut primarily to enhance and beautify that all-important brilliance. At Gemone Diamonds, these were created to reflect not just the diamond's excellence, however, also the wearer's distinct personality.

 Choosing the ideal metal

The metal utilized for the band is another important factor to consider when selecting a diamond ring.

  • Platinum
  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Silver

We offer all types of metals, especially silver/gold metal available for your Engagement ring. You can check our website, place an order with an easy paypal secure payment option and enjoy free shipping at your doorstep.

Purchasing a diamond ring is not a decision to be made lightly, and it should be approached with passion and confidence. Nothing else will suffice whenever you find the ideal 1ct diamond ring for your partner, yourself, or your future fiancé. We help and advise you in selecting the best engagement ring for your lifetime.

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