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Whatever your loved one’s style is, there’s a 1ct diamond necklace to fit her that you can find at Gemone Diamonds. You can select from a variety of diamond shapes (and other gorgeous jewels) and necklace styles and get it customized because we offer customization options too.

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Some common styles of 1ct diamond necklace for men/women are:

Diamond Solitaire Necklace

This classic necklace consists of a pendant with only a stone set in a prong setting and a little loop that connects it to a chain. The count of prongs should be even; often, 4 or 6 prongs are used. A white & black diamond stone necklace looks great with almost any dress, but it's especially stunning with a deep neckline.

Diamond Heart Necklace

The absence of the phrases was made possible by a heart-shaped diamond necklace — it's all pretty evident here. This style is more like a personal piece of jewellery worn with the loved one at a special event and this is the best choice we recommend to you.

Floating Diamond Necklace

However, this necklace is identical to a solitaire necklace with one major difference: the diamond is encircled by smaller loose diamonds. With glistering brightness and captivating grace, this design provides a floating stream illusion that will wow everyone.

Three-Stone Diamond Necklace

The splendour of a floating necklace pales in comparison to the geometric symmetry of three stones connected. Irrespective of how the diamonds are connected (horizontally or vertically), this necklace would make you a star at any event wherever you appear.

Diamond Tennis Necklace

This is one example of a case where the quantity of diamonds matters. A tennis necklace comprises several interchangeable jewels, many of which are above 10 carats in weight. Essentially, this look is a lengthy diamond chain that will make the neckline sparkle in the sunlight.

Dancing Diamond Necklace

The charm of this piece of jewellery comes from the reflection of light. Because of the specific gemstone placement within the necklace, the light dances around you thanks to the diamond set are unique design.

If you're looking for something simple but elegant which fit in your budget, consider a traditional solitaire necklace: gorgeous 3-stone necklaces or unique "dancing" patterns for something with a "wow" effect. Check our store located in New Jersey, USA to buy the best diamond 1ct Diamond Necklace for yourself or your loved ones. We offer a secure payment option with paypal secure payment and provide free shipping to our buyers.

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