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Gemone Diamonds is the most trusted manufacturer when it comes to 1ct diamond hoop earrings. Hoop earrings are round or semi-circular in shape and have a ring-like appearance. 1ct diamond hoop earrings are often made of a metal hoop that may be expanded to pass into an ear piercing with a one-carat diamond set in it. The earrings offered by us have a thin wire connection that penetrates the ear. We offer Customization offer for both our online and offline buyers.

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Diamond hoops have evolved from the initial gold hoop fascinatingly, and there are numerous styles, pricing points, sizes, and metals to select from at our store located in New Jersey, USA. Hair length and the contour of the face are also important factors to consider for both men/ women.

Types of Diamond Hoop Earrings in your budget

Diamond Huggies

Diamond Huggies get their name from the fact as they hug or embrace your earlobe. These would be smaller counterparts of the hoop as well as a classic method to wear diamonds daily.

Huggies are typically broader than conventional hoops since they would be tough to notice otherwise. Best option we recommend is that it works well with a variety of face shapes as well as hair lengths.

Small Hoops (8mm to 13mm)

Small hoops are ideal for everyday use because they aren't too flashy. Most facial shapes plus medium to long hair lengths look great with little diamond hoops. These look great on persons with square faces in particular.

Medium Diamond Hoops (14mm to 40mm)

When paired with simple or informal ensembles, a pair of brilliant midsize diamond hoops dramatically amps up the style. Medium-sized hoops are dressier and bring a touch of glitz to your ensemble.

Large Hoops (41mm to 70mm)

Large diamond hoops create a sparkling impression as part of a statement set for an evening out.

XL Hoops (More than 70mm)

Impossibly huge hoops are currently one of the most popular fashion trends seen on runways worldwide.

Diamond Drop Hoops (Infinity Hoops)

Drop hoops are a type of hoop that hangs from the ceiling. The earring's hoop is hooked to a hook or any smaller hoop, permitting the hoop to move more freely. It's a unique approach to wear your hoop earrings and draw attention to the overall appearance.

Hoop earrings have been a jewellery mainstay for decades. However, you can up the ante by incorporating diamonds into your design. Diamond hoop earrings aren't your typical hoop, and they ooze class and importance, ensuring that they attract attention and leave a lasting impression. You can buy any type of hoop earrings easily from the USA or online through paypal secure payment easily available. We at Gemone Diamonds provides free shipping to anywhere in the world.