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Gemone Diamond is a leading wholesale and manufacturer distributor in India & USA. Our prices range starts from $81. We ship our items all over the world and they come with free international and domestic handling. We ship all our products from India all over the world and get to you in the required time. For the security of your shipment, we insure the package.

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If you want to purchase a real 1ct black diamond, we are proudly here, to help you. We sell 100% authentic black diamonds. Our goal is to serve our customers with genuine products. We produce a lot of jewelry pieces in real black diamonds rings, neckpieces, bracelets, etc. We are providing these 1ct black diamonds at the most affordable prices, so when you are buying from us, it will be worth your purchase. With these real black diamond jewelry pieces, you will gonna be a head-turner in any gathering.

The 1ct black diamonds are rare but not so pricey as compared to other white diamonds, so they can be your first choice. We can make the cuts, shapes, and sizes of diamonds according to your jewelry pieces as per your choice. These diamonds will give your personality a strong and pure loyal look as these 1ct black diamonds symbolize power and passion. It is also a prudent choice to gift your life partner, a real black diamond because it’s a good luck charm for marriage, and when you are buying from us it is also not heavy on your pocket, then why you are wasting your time, hurry up and shop with us for the best shopping experience.

If you are looking for some unique jewelry pieces, to gift someone special the real black diamond is the best option. When you want a real black diamond Gemone is the best choice. Black is the most popular color when the race is of colored diamonds. In fact, in the past years, the popularity of black diamonds increased very much. Still, a lot of people confused, is the black diamonds are the real ones? The answer is, absolutely yes, black diamonds are the real diamonds. Real black diamonds are very rare, it is quite difficult to find real black diamonds, but we are here for you, to provide you with real black diamonds, as you want.

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